September 2022

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

By Parul Dube

Intermittent fasting entails refraining from eating for a set period of time, either partially or totally. It is far superior to many other types of calorie-restricting diets.

Weight Loss and Control on Obesity

A study on intermittent fasting found that it resulted in a significant 3-8 percent weight loss in 6-24 weeks. Furthermore, this study found that participants lost 4-7 percent of their waist fat.

Combating Type 2 Diabetes

Intermittent fasting helps to effectively lower blood sugar levels by promoting insulin resistance.

Management of Heart Health

Blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers, and LDL cholesterol levels are only a few of the risk factors related with heart health that intermittent fasting drastically reduces.

Promoting Longevity

One of the most intriguing and well studied effects of intermittent fasting is likely its propensity to help people live longer.

Increase in Cell Turnover

By encouraging autophagy, intermittent fasting aids in the body's detoxification process.

Reduced Inflammation and Protection Against Cancer

They showed lower levels of blood pressure, body fat, and pro-inflammatory markers during the fasting period. Additionally, fasting every other day reduces risk of cancer.


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