19 March 2022

8 Health Benefits of Honeydew Melons

By Parul Dube

Honeydew melon, also known as honey melon, is a winter melon characterized by sweet, light green flesh. Other than its sweetness, it is famous for its countless potential health benefits.

May Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Honeydew Melon is low-sodium and potassium-rich fruit. Hence, it can help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Vital to Bone Health

These are crucial for the breakdown of homocysteine, a compound that reduces bone mineral density and promotes healthy bones.

May Improve Blood Sugar Level

Studies show that foods like honeydew melons may benefit blood sugar control. It contains carbohydrates that can help increase blood sugar levels.

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Rich in Electrolytes and Water

Honeydew melons contain about 90% water and electrolytes, like potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.

May Support Healthy Skin

The high content of vitamin C in honeydew melon is responsible for adequate collagen production.

May Boost Your Immune System

Research suggests that dietary vitamin C in honeydew melon might help prevent and treat certain respiratory and systemic infections like pneumonia and the common cold.

May Promote Proper Digestion

Additionally, it can also treat digestive issues or those who newly introduce fibre into their diet and promotes bowel regularity.

May Support Vision Health

Honeydew melon consists of two potent antioxidants, zeaxanthin and lutein which are popularly known to support eye health.


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