25 January 2022

11 Amazing Benefits of Giloy

By Parul Dube

Giloy is an ancient solution to most of your health problems. However, there are numerous benefits of Giloy.

Giloy boosts the cell-based activity of macrophages (a large phagocytic cell) in our bodies. These cells are the first line of defence in our body that fight infection

Giloy Helps Boost Immunity

As per research, people at risk of contracting coronavirus infection should take 500 mg extract or 1-3g giloy powder twice every day.

Effective in Coronavirus Infection

Controls Blood Sugar Level

Giloy helps stimulate insulin production in the pancreas. As a result, it helps lower blood sugar.


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Improves Digestion

Giloy helps improve digestion and reduce digestion related problems like diarrhoea, colitis or inflammation of the colon’s inner lining.

Giloy Has Neuroprotective Properties

Giloy contains significant neuroprotective activity. It rejuvenates the nervous system by repairing damaged brain cells

Treats Arthritis and Gout

A study claims that it treats inflammation of the joints. It also brings down the levels of uric acid in the blood. In addition, it also helps relieve osteoporosis.

Improves Eyesight

Giloy is excellent for your eyesight. People use it in Panchkarma, an Ayurvedic therapy

Improves Respiratory Health

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Giloy is suitable for your respiratory health. It treats breathing problems caused by cough, cold and tonsils

Slows Down Skin Ageing

Giloy, with its antioxidants, prevents oxidative stress and slows down skin ageing.

Giloy Helps in Weight Loss

Giloy helps boost immunity and metabolism. As a result, it helps manage weight.

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