February 2022

5 Incredible Health Benefits of French Beans

By Parul Dube

French Beans or Green beans are a type of common bean that are loaded with various nutrients and vitamins. The abundance of vitamins and minerals present in green beans is beneficial to our health.

Promotes Weight Loss

The high protein and dietary fibre content of french beans keeps one satiated and full between meals. The dietary fibre also helps decrease carbohydrate absorption and improve metabolism.

Regulate Sugar

French beans have a low glycemic index. When consumed, they don’t increase the glucose level in the blood, thus maintaining energy and regulating blood sugar levels.

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Improves Heart Health

French beans are excellent for people with hypertension or other types of heart diseases. While the high fibre present in the beans reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood, it also lowers blood pressure.

Improves Bone Health

French beans contain 20% of the daily recommended intake value of vitamin K. It improves calcium absorption in the bones and makes them stronger thus promoting bone health.

Prevent Cancer

The chlorophyll present in french beans are known to have anticancer properties. They can help block carcinogens in our bodies, which may cause cancer. It eliminates the toxic waste from the body and lowers the risk of cancer.


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