February 2022

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Fish Oil

By Parul Dube

In case you are not a big fan of fishes and want to funfil the body’s omega-3 requirement, include fish oil in your diet. Here’s how fish oil benefits you.

Supports Heart Health

As per research, fish oil supplements increase HDL in the body. An increase in good cholesterol results in the reduction of LDL cholesterol, which improves heart health.

Help Treat Mental Disorders

The omega-3 in fish oil supplements combat the symptoms of depression. Studies suggests that EPA and DHA in fish oil, helps in treating neuropsychiatric conditions like dementia, PTSD etc.

Helps in Weight Loss

Fish oil supplements also enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body, which results in better metabolism and digestion. Thus it gets rid of body fat and aids weight loss.

Improves Eye Health

Optometrists recommend taking fish oil supplements to support eye health. Studies prove that people with omega-3 deficiency are at greater risk of developing eye diseases.

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Healthy Pregnancies

Fish oil supplements may help boost the development of the fetus. Furthermore, it aids the growth of their eyes and brain. Thus, it is recommended to consume fish oil supplements during pregnancy.

Improves Bone Strength

High omega-3 consumption results in better bone mineral density. Fish oil supplements also help in improving morning stiffness, relieves pain and reduces tenderness of joints.

Combats Asthma

Dietary omega-3 PUFA supplementation may be a viable treatment modality and adjunct therapy in airway hyperresponsiveness. As a result, it can reduce symptoms of asthma.

Rejuvenates Hair

Omega fatty acids in fish oil supplements are high in nutrients and proteins and can help boost one’s hair and the antioxidants prevent hair loss.


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