17 January 2022

9 Health Benefits of Dried Cranberries

By Alpa Momaya

Cranberries have high nutritional value, coupled with some great medicinal characteristics that make them a go-to fruit for all seasons.

Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cranberries have polyphenols that possess anti-inflammatory properties that lowers hypertension, and prevents the build-up of excess platelets in the body.

Reduces Risk of UTI

Cranberries possess nutritional elements called proanthocyanidins. These are antioxidants that prevent unwanted bacteria from entering the urinary tract, causing infection.

Reduces Chances Cancer

The nutrients found in cranberries are known to slow down the progress of existing cancer while preventing the build-up of new ones.

Great for Oral Hygiene

The proanthocyanidins prevent tooth-decaying bacteria from clinging to teeth. This improves one’s oral hygiene by making the teeth and gums stronger.

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Improves Renal Function

Dried cranberries are loaded with citric acid that can keep kidney and bladder-related complications at bay. This acid is also a key element in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Prevents Weight Gain

The vitamins and antioxidants in cranberries make them a good choice in a healthful diet. They are also low in calories and keep you full for long.

Gives you Flawless Skin

Dried cranberries are rich in amino acids and hydroxyproline that are needed by the body to form collagen. Collagen helps in maintaining younger looking skin.

Solves Hair Problems

Rich in Vitamins A and C, dried cranberries can solve hair problems like dandruff and hair fall. The antifungal and antiseptic properties of the fruit prevent drying of the scalp causing dandruff and oily hair.

Reduces Comorbidity Factors

Dried cranberries are the source of dietary nutrients that lowers comorbid factors like diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, nerve problems, etc.

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