7 Impressive Health Benefits of Cinnamon

7 January 2022

By Sumita Thomas

Cinnamon is a spice found in the inner bark of trees which originate from the genus Cinnamomum, known for its distinct aroma and its numerous health benefits.

Helps Lower Sugar in Diabetic Patients

Approximately two teaspoons of Cinnamon powder after food helps lower insulin resistance for diabetic patients and it also reduces blood pressure, which further helps in its regulation of Type II Diabetes.

Reduces the risk of Heart Disease

Consumption of cinnamon powder, as per every day requirement reduces LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol which helps in maintaining a healthy heart

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Serves as Antioxidants

Cinnamon is filled with powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols 3, 4 and 5. Consuming cinnamon can relieve our body of oxidative stress and provide anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antidiabetic effects.

Help Fight Fungal Infections

Great in treating respiratory tract infection, fungal infection and yeast infection. Cinnamon oil is highly effective in fighting against candida infection.

Prevents Inflammation

Helps in repairing tissue damage and decrease headaches or other several kinds of pain, such as arthritis, primary dysmenorrhea in women etc.

Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Cinnamon powder has high fiber content and consuming cinnamon tea can keep you feeling full for longer, alos meet daily dietary fiber requirements.


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