April 2022

10 Health Benefits of Chestnuts

By Hiral Patel

We know about chestnuts being a rich source of protein and other essential nutrients for centuries. However, today we will be discussing the diverse health benefits of chestnuts in detail.

Provides Antioxidants

Chestnuts contain several antioxidants such as vitamin C, gallic acid, Lutein and zeaxanthin etc. These antioxidants protect the cells from free radicals, which are unstable molecules present in our bodies.

 Improves Heart Health

Chestnuts are high in nutrients that are beneficial to your heart. Antioxidants like gallic and ellagic acid present in chestnuts prevent oxidative stress.

Rich Source of Fibre

Chestnuts are a good source of fibre, which offers numerous health benefits. For example, fibre adds volume to your stools, making bowel movement easy and regular. 

Controls Blood Sugar

Chestnuts are a good source of fibre that reduces blood sugar rise by slowing down the absorption of sugar in the blood. 

Helps in Weight Loss

Chestnuts include a variety of qualities that may help you lose weight. They have a fair amount of fibre, which makes you feel full. 

 Lowers Inflammation

Chestnuts are anti-inflammatory. These nuts contain Vitamin C, gallic acid, ellagic acid, and other polyphenols. These are antioxidants that reduce inflammation. 

 Improves Cognitive Function

They are high in multiple types of vitamin B, such as folate, thiamine, and riboflavin, which improve focus and memory and enhance brain growth and functioning. 

Enhances Red Blood Cells

Chestnuts contain copper that aids in the iron metabolism present in the bloodstream. It also boosts the formation of red blood cells. Copper is a crucial nutrient for the body.

Prevents Scurvy

Lack of vitamin C causes scurvy in the body. It can cause various health issues like weariness, pain in joints, gum disease. Chestnuts are a rich source of Vitamin C, preventing scurvy.

Increases the Bone Mineral Density

Chestnuts include magnesium, which helps to maintain bone health by boosting bone mineral density. They also contain a good amount of copper, which allows the body to absorb iron and improves overall bone structure and health. 


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