February 2022

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Buttermilk

By Parul Dube

Buttermilk is a fermented drink made up of milk or milk substitutes. It is an acidic food that contains lactic acid produced by microorganisms. Therefore, it has a very high nutritional value.

Reduction of Cholesterol

Buttermilk can help manage heart health by regulating cholesterol levels in the blood and arteries. Also, regular buttermilk consumption can reduce the LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

Improves Gut Health

Buttermilk is a good source of probiotics, which can improve gut health. Probiotics provide with many vitamins and minerals that improves digestion.

Anticancer Effects

Buttermilk has anti-proliferative effects on cancerous cells. It contains specific proteins, like a selenium-carrier protein, which can reduce the growth and differentiation of breast cancer cells.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects

This probiotic drink exhibits antibacterial effects towards common pathogens like E.coli, S. typhi, and S. aureus. These pathogens are responsible for gut-related infections like typhoid, and skin infections.

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Antioxidant Source

Antioxidants found in buttermilk, can help make free radicals less reactive, and eventually eliminate them from our bodies. Thus, reducing the chances of mutation-induced cancers.

Detoxifies the Body

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin in buttermilk can help detoxify the body by promoting liver functioning by converting food into energy and synthesizing uric acid.

Promotes Kidney Health

Containing many minerals like phosphorus, calcium and potassium, buttermilk help kidney functioning and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.


Buttermilk reduces inflammation in the skin and body. It also helps remove dead skin, heal acne scars, unclog pores, kill bacteria on the skin, and smooth out skin texture.


Buttermilk proteins can help nourish the hair and scalp. It can also prevent the growth of dandruff and clean up the scalp.


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