22 March 2022

11 Health Benefits of Breadfruit

By Parul Dube

Let’s dig into the potential benefits of breadfruit.

Improves Heart Health

Breadfruit is rich in potassium. Potassium helps in smooth blood flow through the arteries by regulating muscular contractions.

Prevents and Controls Diabetes

Breadfruit is rich in dietary fibre, is protein dense and has a significantly low glycemic index. Thus, it can be an ideal food for people suffering from diabetes.

Aids Digestion

The fruit improves gut health by fostering good bacteria in the body. In addition, studies have suggested that they prevent infections and inflammation by improving immunity.

Improves Brain Function

A good source of Vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidant nutrients, breadfruit is known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Improves Reproductive Health

A study showed that omega-3 fatty acids improve sperm motility and help promote sperm synthesis

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Prevents Cancer

The presence of Antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids in breadfruit prevents the risk of cancer.

Helps in Weight Management

Breadfruit is a dense source of protein, fibre and amino acids. So, it keeps one satiated for long, reduces unhealthy hunger pangs and improves metabolism.

Improves Skin Health

Vitamin C protects the skin from sun damage, prevents the early signs of aging and maintains skin laxity.

Regulates Blood Pressure

As per research, the potassium in breadfruit has antihypertensive properties. It helps reduce the stress on blood vessels by widening the arteries.

Improves Bone Health

Breadfruit has very high mineral content. It also includes calcium, phosphorous, manganese, and magnesium which are all the essential minerals needed for healthy bones.

Strengthens Immunity

Breadfruits contain fibre and antioxidants, thus it reduces inflammation in the body. As a result, they improve the immune response to such pathogens and destroy them.


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