Nov 2022

5 Causes of Spike in Fasting Blood Glucose Levels

By Parul Dube

It's standard practice to check your blood sugar levels first thing in the morning before eating, and then two hours later. However, if your Fasting Glucose Levels are increasing, one of the following factors could be at play.

The Somogyi Effect

A high fasting blood sugar level in the morning, according to this effect, can be caused by a low blood sugar level at night. Another reason could be that you skipped dinner (which will lead to lower glucose intake).

The Dawn Phenomenon

In the early morning hours, the liver increases the production of glucose, which provides energy to help you wake up. However, if you have diabetes, your pancreas may be unable to produce enough insulin, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels.

Improper Diet

It is critical to keep track of what you eat. Carbohydrate and sugar-rich foods can cause fasting blood sugar levels to spike.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation makes you tired and irritable. Even one night without sleep causes your body to use insulin inefficiently. As a result, the cells are unable to absorb blood glucose, and the insulin level rises.

Too Much of Stress

Stress causes the release of certain chemicals which consume the body's stored energy in the form of glucose and fat. However, in diabetes, insulin is unable to break down the glucose present in cells. Instead, it causes an increase in fasting blood sugar levels.


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