August 2022

1500 Calorie Heart-Healthy Foods to Consider

By Parul Dube

Following a customized meal plan by including these foods makes a hearty and healthy meal plan. Here are the 100 gram calorific values of these foods.

Quinoa 368 Calories

Quinoa is high in antioxidants, which can protect your heart and other organs from damage.

Oats 374 Calories

Oats are one of the healthiest grains on the planet. Consuming soluble fibre from oats as part of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet may lower the risk of heart disease.

Kidney Bean 127 Calories

As per study, Quinoa has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease.

Chickpeas 164 Calories

Chickpeas are naturally low in sodium and cholesterol. They are also high in polyunsaturated fats..

Sweet Potato  116 Calories

A higher potassium intake allows you to excrete more sodium, lowering your blood pressure and risk of heart disease.


Diet & Workout Plan

Carrots 41 Calories

Carrots contain potassium, which relaxes blood vessels and lowers the risk of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

Strawberry  32 Calories

Strawberries' anthocyanin and quercetin content may help protect against heart disease.

Orange  52 calories

Oranges are high in fibre and potassium, both of which are beneficial to heart health.

Pumpkin  26 Calories

Pumpkin is beneficial to the heart. Pumpkin's fibre, potassium, and vitamin C content all benefit heart health.

Tomato 18 Calories

Tomatoes contain lycopene and potassium, which help to prevent blood clotting and lower blood pressure by removing sodium from the body.

Walnuts (30 grams) 185 Calories

Walnuts contain a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to improve cardiovascular health.

Flaxseeds  534 Calories

Flaxseed may be especially beneficial for people who have high blood pressure because it can help lower this indicator of heart health.

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