November 2022

11 Foods that Help Boost Keratin Levels

By Parul Dube

The keratin protein plays a crucial supporting role in the composition of skin, hair, and nails. Therefore, it is essential to eat foods that promote and regulate keratin, such as the ones listed below.



Due to the high biotin content in eggs, this food promotes keratin production. The yolk is especially high in biotin, which is required for increased keratin production.


Studies have also suggested that garlic may help with skin issues. But once more, it's because garlic has the ability to increase keratin.


Peanuts and soybeans are the richest sources of biotin, and consuming enough of them will help you meet your keratin requirements.


Onion also contains trace amounts of biotin, which aids in keratin production.

Sweet Potatoes

Vitamin A in sweet potatoes is important for keratin regulation, and they also contain biotin, which is required for keratin formation. Hence, It makes sweet potatoes the best energy source and aids in the increase of keratin levels.


These delectable fruit will satisfy your soul while also increasing keratin synthesis. Furthermore, they are high in Vitamin A, which is necessary for keratin regulation.

Sunflower Seeds

They are high in biotin and protein, both of which help with keratin production. Furthermore, they are a good source of folate, which promotes hair growth and prevents greying.


It is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and other important minerals and vitamins. They are also a good source of biotin. The combination of vitamin A and biotin promotes keratin synthesis.


Kale contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant that converts to vitamin A, which aids in keratin synthesis.


According to research, most nuts contain biotin, but the amount varies depending on the type. For example, 100 g of roasted and salted almonds contain 0.5 mcg of biotin.

Cantaloupe and Citrus Fruits

Cantaloupe and citrus fruits, with the exception of lemon, contain high levels of inositol, which aids in the maturation of keratinocytes and increases keratin levels.


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