Web Stories – 11 Amazing Benefits of Giloy

Parul Dube

January 25, 2022

The pandemic has left us all worried about our health. Even if we consume multiple medicines to treat several ailments, the impact of a natural herb is always wondrous. While we all follow various diets and look after health differently, Ayurveda offers many herbs for overall immunity. One such herb is Giloy. It is popularly known as ‘amrita’ in Ayurveda, which means the root of immortality. It has innumerable benefits, as stated in the Ayurveda. People use it for general wellness and to treat day-to-day conditions.

The scientific name of Giloy is Tinospora Cordifolia. It is also known as Guduchi in Hindi. Its stem is highly nutritious. However, it doesn’t taste enjoyable and is full of alkaloids that perform various pharmacological activities. Apart from the stem, we can use its roots and leaves to reap many benefits.

About the Author

Parul holds a Masters of Medical Science in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and has worked across the globe from the U.K to New Zealand (NZ) gaining her License with the Health Professionals Council (HPC, UK) and the NZ Nutrition Council. From being a Gold medalist in Clinical Nutrition to being awarded an internship with World Health Organisation (WHO, Cairo, Egypt) and Contracts with CDC Parul has had a wide spectrum of work experiences. She is very passionate about Nutrition and Fitness and holds strong to her guiding mantras ‘ Move more’ and ‘Eat Food that your grandmother can recognize’!

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