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  • Why diabetes and exercise go hand in hand

    With India being named the diabetes capital of the world, it’s time for us to take charge of our health. The best way to do this – yes, for diabetes patients as well – is exercise. In our experience, people with diabetes who exercise regularly are able to follow a more normal diet than patients […]

  • Expert tips to get thin and stay that way

    “Raise your hand if you think you look fat. You’re not alone. Almost every woman I know thinks she does—even those who exercise every day, eat nothing but salads and salmon, and wear a size six or less!” So wrote Charla Krupp in the foreword to her New York Times best-seller How to Never Look […]

  • 4 easy workout options for when you are sick

    You are determined to stick to your New Year resolution of doing your daily workout diligently, but an unwelcome cold or flu has come in the way. What should you do? Should you work out when you are sick or indulge in a long nap? Fitness experts say the answer depends on where your illness […]

  • Staying safe while marathon training

    Preparing for a marathon needs a lot of time, discipline and commitment. Training outdoors is an important part of prepping for a marathon but no workout is worth risking your overall health or well-being for. Follow our top 12 training tips for marathon beginners to ensure safe sessions: Avoid deserted areas like the plague. This […]