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  • India’s top 8 cities: Nutritional breakdown

    India’s top 8 cities: Nutritional breakdown

    Across the top 8 cities, Delhi shows the highest percentage energy contribution of fat (~30%) across genders, age groups, and key meals and is thus at the highest risk of heart disease and hypertension. Chennai and Hyderabad are the highest in carbohydrate consumption (~57%) due to the inclusion of Idlis and dosas as staples in […]

  • Age and Gender Breakdown

    Age and Gender Breakdown

    HealthifyMe Trends insights have been culled from across 1 million+ users spread across 200,000 locations in India, based on age and gender. Age Breakup HealthifyMe represents users across all age groups, with a healthy presence in young adults and senior members Gender Breakup The gender breakup for the respondents stood at a balanced 49.7:50.3 (Female:Male) […]