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  • How to Work Through the Fears of Post Lockdown

    How to Work Through the Fears of Post Lockdown

    Summary: As the country prepares for the third wave of COVID-19, we explore how to work through managing the anxieties it brings. Transitions can be overwhelming. This article gives practical ways you can work through the ambiguities of COVID-19 and re-integrate into the post lockdown life.  Introduction The pandemic has turned the world upside down. […]

  • Breathing Exercises for COVID-19

    Breathing Exercises for COVID-19

    We are in the midst of dealing with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and people are trying every bit to protect themselves from the deadly disease. The COVID-19 virus dominantly affects the respiratory system. Therefore, practicing breathing exercises can be beneficial while recovering from COVID-19. Breathing exercises can help to strengthen the respiratory […]