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  • 5 ways to tone your butt

    5 ways to tone your butt

    Want to get your rear in gear? All you need to do is work on the muscles – glutes, quads and hamstrings – that are there. With butt-fat burning exercises, and a few dietary changes, you can achieve a toned buttock. 5 Exercises to tone your butt 1. Gluteus kickbacks Get down on your hands […]

  • Stay healthy on a holiday

    Stay healthy on a holiday

    Santa looks cute with a belly, not all of us. When you head out of town for a much-deserved winter break, remember that you are going to unwind, not to wind up with a large waistline. Research shows that adults put on as much as 500 per cent more weight during holidays compared to when […]

  • Strength-training for long-distance runners

    Strength-training for long-distance runners

    Many believe that to be a successful runner, all you have to do is sprint regularly. The truth is that to become a stronger and faster runner you need to strength-train too. Some studies have shown runners can reduce injuries with just 10 to 20 minutes of strength-training daily. A majority of runners benefit from […]

  • Coconut water is a craze, but is it good for you?

    Coconut water is a craze, but is it good for you?

    Piercing the tender top of a young, green coconut with a straw and slurping its sweet, mildly nutty juice is guaranteed to rejuvenate you on a hot afternoon. What adds to the kick is the conviction that you have made a ‘healthy’ choice. After all, everyone from Madonna to tennis ace John Isner has been […]

  • How to Order Smart While Dining out

    How to Order Smart While Dining out

    It’s the third time you’ve eaten out in a week, and you think you’re being smart choosing a salad. But you’ve loaded those greens with four types of creamy dressing the fast-food outlet offers. The salad may be low carb, but the dressing has a lot of calories. Dismayed, you wonder – do I just […]