Name: Sneha Sandesh KamaknoorHM Success Story

Age: 29 years

Diagnosed with PCOD and a borderline thyroid disorder, Sneha lost 6.2 kg in 2 months and is off thyroid medication.  

Gulbarga-based homemaker Sneha Sandesh Kamaknoor was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) and borderline thyroid disorder in September 2015. This was followed by two miscarriages in quick succession.

Doctors advised her to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. She joined HealthifyMe in December 2015 and lost 6.2 kg, going from 79 kg to 72.8 kg in just two months. Her thyroid levels are back to normal and she’s off thyroid medication for now.

She learnt about HealthifyMe from a friend

PCOD is a common health problem among women resulting from hormonal imbalance. The symptoms include weight gain, trouble losing weight, thinning hair, depression and difficulty conceiving. In many cases, small cysts are observed in the ovaries—a symptom that gives the disease its name.

Patients are advised to make lifestyle changes including regular exercise, weight loss and switching to a healthy diet. This is often combined with medicine to control the symptoms.

Sneha, who learnt of HealthifyMe through a friend, was placed under the care of Fitness Coach Meenakshi S.

Three 20-minute exercise slots through the day

Meenakshi designed a fitness regime based on a combination of yoga, strength training, and cardio.

“Sneha had been diagnosed with PCOD and a slight thyroid disorder, so weight loss was going to be difficult. She was also trying to conceive, which ruled out intensive workouts,” she says.

Meenakshi broke down Sneha’s daily exercise regimen into three slots of 20 minutes each. The mornings were reserved for yoga, the afternoons for cardio and the cross-trainer, and the evenings for body weight training.

“Also, since she lived in Karnataka, she was predominantly a rice eater. This had led to a protein and fibre deficiency. So we asked her to increase her intake of fruits, salads, etc.”

“The main challenge in working with clients with PCOD is dealing with low energy levels and drastic mood changes,” Meenakshi says. “Also, it’s important to prescribe exercises that can be done easily to avoid fatigue and swelling. There’s a tendency for such people to give up easily, so the intensity of exercise must be moderate.”

‘I used to be depressed, but not anymore’

The new lifestyle has worked wonders for Sneha.

“I used to be depressed, but not anymore. Having Meenakshi for coach really helped,” she says.

She used to regularly skip breakfast but now makes sure she eats regular and nutritious meals. Her day begins at 7 am with walking and yoga, followed by breakfast at 8.30. A mid-morning snack at 10 am consists of fruit or juice. Lunch at 12.30 includes roti and vegetables.

Tea at 3 pm consists of the roasted gram and green tea, followed by a light workout and an evening snack that’s usually a fruit or salad. She wraps up her day with dinner around 9 pm and another brief round of exercise.

Weight loss, yes, but she’s off thyroid medication tooweight loss

The next goal is to lose another 4 kg before Sneha starts the process of conceiving again.

“The doctors are quite positive this time,” says Meenakshi about her client.

Sneha’s thyroid levels are back to normal and her doctor has asked her to stop the medication for the time being.

Would she recommend HealthifyMe to her friends?

“Sure, 100%,” she says. “I used to be depressed and my mind would be filled with stupid thoughts. All that has gone. I am mentally and physically much stronger now,” she adds.

Disclaimer: Sneha got her thyroid under control with HealthifyMe. Results may vary from person to person, so let our coaches identify what works for you. Sign up for the best diet & training choices for your fitness or diet chart .

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

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  1. Really Inspired…
    Maine aaj HealthifyMe k baare m newspaper m pdaa…n install kiyaa…
    Muje deepika ya Katrina jaisa figure bnana hai …
    I m 64 now .my target weight is 55 kg..
    Ager ho gyaa toa seriously main pagal hi ho jaaugii khushii s 🙂

    • Hi Bhuvaneshwari,

      We will be more that happy to assist you in accomplishing your health goal. Please click on this link – You can browse through our plans and pick the one that suits you best. Our coaches will help you get to your goal weight through plans designed specifically for you.