The idea that you are what you eat is becoming increasingly popular and central in people’s lifestyle choices. Urban – rural, men – women, senior citizens – millennials – everyone is making active choices about food, exercise, and wellbeing. HealthifyMe data aims at bringing to you the current health trends in the country and keeping you up to date.

A combination of changing patterns in food, nature of work, physical activity and lifestyle choices has led to two outcomes –
1) An unprecedented increase in occurrence of lifestyle diseases
2) Remarkable increase in smartphone penetration.

With 70 million diabetic and 170 million hypertensive, and 250 million obese population, lifestyle diseases are no longer chronic conditions affecting a few; but an unfortunate household reality. On the other hand, we have 250 million smartphone users growing at 30% annually.

An interplay of increasing lifestyle diseases and smartphone ownership has resulted in high adoption of health applications, making it easier for consumers to keep track of their lifestyle and monitor eating patterns. This has given birth to the era where digital health is a compelling reality as well as a need. The path to delivering digital health and wellness starts with the power of localized insights – on individual lifestyles, food preferences, nutritional breakdown and other such indicators that help truly understand every individual and tailor intervention accordingly.

HealthifyMe is leading that trend, being the largest and most preferred health application in India. With over a million users on the platform, HealthifyMe Trends aims to present the most comprehensive study of Indian food patterns, presenting stark and actionable insights.

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

Team HealthifyMe

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