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How important it is to put #HerHealthFirst


December 28, 2021

While on a weight loss journey, getting out of a plateau can be difficult.

Like every other woman out there, I opened my eyes when I had gained almost 10 kg while I was doing my masters. This got me involved in all things fitness. I would keep myself up to date with what’s trending in fitness and nutrition. The fact that my father is a doctor kept me well informed about the problems that would arise if I didn’t do anything about my weight.
Sanjeet Before

How It All Began

To get my weight under control I started working out. After a mix of workouts at the gym, brisk walks and session of CrossFit I managed to lose 3 – 4 kg. This is where the oh-so-dreaded plateau comes into picture. My efforts to overcome this included dancing and yoga.

I noticed one more trigger point when my dance instructor told me that I need to work on improving my flexibility and stamina. After my yoga session, I overheard one of the yoga instructors talking about HealthifyMe, so I thought I’d give it a try.

My Journey with HealthifyMe

I was so impressed with this application in the first call itself. Surabhi addressed the exact same issue that I was concerned with, which was, getting out of the plateau. This got me to join immediately. My nutrition coach, Preetinder brought an important aspect of my diet to my attention. I was consuming more nutrients than how much my body needed, on a daily basis. Since I cook my own food, she helped me pick out the right ingredients and in the right quantities.

While I continued to practice dance and yoga, I noticed a slow but steady drop in my weight. Since I had decided that I would not give up until I reached my goal weight, I kept at it.

Sanjeet After

Visible Changes

I wasn’t seeing much of a change in my body for the first few months. It was only when my Dance instructor had told me that I had lost weight and my stance and stamina had improved, that I realised, my body had changed for the better.

My father also spotted that I had lost my double chin and I was looking a lot younger and healthier. That was more than enough for me to continue to have faith in what my coaches were telling me to do. The change was so drastic that I found myself returning clothes because they were a size too big for me.

The Quest Continues

Now that I have reached my goal weight, my journey does not end. I continue to experiment with various forms of fitness to prevent my body from adjusting to one routine. This helps me get stronger by the day.

This transformation has helped me acknowledge the fact that it is very important for us women to ensure that we are getting the right amount of nutrition that is required by our body. Lack of nutrition causes a lot of complications that, if not addressed soon flare up to be a much bigger problem. It is my personal request to all you women out there, please put your health first, because you are worth it and you deserve it.

“Sanjeet Kathuria holds a very special place because she is a friend and not just a client. Full of energy and enthusiasm this girl is always willing to try new things. I remember someone joking about how it is hard to find a Punjabi girl who weighs less than 60 kg. Sanjeet, with her dedication and hard work, proved this comment wrong in no time. Be it dancing, yoga or marathon, she has always achieved her goal and I feel proud to be her coach.” – Preetinder Kaur, Diet Coach

Disclaimer: The results can and may vary for you. Let us help determine the best approach for you to achieve your goal.

About the Author

A sports lover, a quizzing enthusiast and an avid reader, but above all, a writer. Though he may have made the switch from engineering with the hope of becoming the Sachin Tendulkar of writing someday, Habil now realistically hopes to reach Shiv Sunder Das levels. While he hopes to write about sports one day, he is more than happy to help you improve your health along the way.

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