Written by Heena Gupta

Heena Gupta

Heena believes that healthy living is all about making the right choices every day. Eating well, and being physically active, keeps you physically, mentally and spiritually fit, she says.
Expressing an interest in food and nutrition from an early age, Heena went on to pursue an MSc from GDM College, Modinagar. Her first challenge as a nutritionist was to urge friends and family, especially those suffering from diabetes, heart and kidney ailments, to make lifestyle changes. After stints at Fortis, Apollo, Medanta hospitals and Max she is currently with HealthifyMe developing custom nutritional plans for clients. She has also done a diabetes educator course. In keeping with Healthifyme’s philosophy, she doesn’t believe in any quick-fixes but instead recommends nourishing the body with delicious, healthy food.
Heena’s personal goal is to live a more active and healthy life, and believes everyone can, with a few minor lifestyle changes, accomplish the same. Reduce solid fats, added sugar, refined grains and sodium in your daily diet, choose healthy stuff when dinning out, carry snacks, read food labels while shopping and remain active through the day. For more of this practical guidance, get in touch with Heena at


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