As stated earlier in the data collated by the HealthifyMeter Gender Watch Report 2017, we noticed that women have a deficit in protein consumption. On the other hand, they consume more carbohydrates and fats when compared to men.

However, there is a silver lining. The data below show us that women are doing it right when it comes to snacking in between meals. They consume at least 10% more fruits than men, in their meals. Women have also been observed to consume 22% more fruits, in the form of snacks, than men.

Fruit consumption - Men vs Women

It can also be observed that women consume more vegetables than men. This increased intake is spread across the two main meals of the day – lunch and dinner.

Veggies across meals - Men vs Women

While the above data tells us where women are striking the right chord with their eating patterns, they need to up their game when it comes to activity levels. Data from the app shows that men typically record activities like walking, running, cycling, going to the gym as their workout, while women record cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks as a part of their daily workout. Data also shows that women take 33% lesser steps than men. 

Steps - Men vs Women

This Women’s Day let us all take a step towards putting her #HerHealthFirst, eat better and get fitter.

Written by Team HealthifyMe

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