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HealthifyMe User Reviews

HealthifyMe is among the world’s most trusted health and fitness apps, with over 16 million users, and a 4.4 overall rating on the Play Store. With the aim of making the world a healthier place to live in, this team set out to change how people looked at health and wellness in 2011. 8 years down the line, the joy of user satisfaction remains the same. Have a look at what some of our most special users have had to say about their experiences with HealthifyMe.

Aakanksha Jain's Transformation & Review

Diagnosed with thyroid and high sugar levels, Aakanksha was asked to begin with a daily dose of insulin to correct her sugar along with heavy medication for her thyroid. Within 2 months of joining HealthifyMe, her sugar levels and thyroid were under control.

As a 41-year-old mother of two, Manisha was struggling to find the right balance between health and responsibilities. Having turned to HealthifyMe, she began her weight loss journey against thyroid and lost 6 kg in 3 months in the process.

Hunny Kapoor’s journey of weight loss is super special! He was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer which occurs in the arms or legs. In the process of fighting this cancer, he was bedridden for over 10 months due to which he gained a lot of body weight. Things turned around for Hunny when he downloaded HealthifyMe and set his goals straight – to lose the excess weight and get fit.

Weight gain due to Thyroid comes with more than just one issue. For 53-year-old Pragna Bhatt it took a toll on her confidence. She then found customized diet and fitness plans through HealthifyMe’s coaches and lost 14 kg in 8 months.

Cholesterol, early signs of arthritis, and rising blood sugar levels were all alarm calls for Srikanth Venugopal. He then reached out to a HealthifyMe coach and today he has lost 24 kg in 6 months, not to forget, his cholesterol and blood sugar levels are under control too!

Weight loss was just a milestone for Nikita when she achieved her goal of running a marathon with the help of India’s coaches.

Sedentary lifestyle was the biggest cause of Shreyans’s weight gain. After his injury, he took up weight loss as a challenge and lost 40 kg in 12 months supported by!

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