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Garima Pathak’s stunning post pregnancy transformation


December 28, 2021

Let’s read about Garima Pathak’s post pregnancy transformation from 66 kg to 57.2 kg in 4 and half months. 

Transformation storyFirst-time mother Garima Pathak has always been conscious about staying in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle. So when she saw herself in the mirror a few months after giving birth, it was a “real eye-opening experience!”, she says. “Clothes are the litmus test for any new mother, and I realised that I couldn’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, which worried me a lot” says Garima, who weighed 66 kg at the time.

The 34-year-old Kanpur resident had never battled weight issues. Before becoming pregnant, Garima’s weight was 58.5, which went up to 74 kg during her pregnancy. After delivery, she was back to 68 kg, and because of her healthy eating habits, she managed to lose 2 kg on her own.  “I avoid eating junk or oily food,” she explains, adding that while it wasn’t possible to exercise while looking after her newborn, the baby did keep her on her toes.

‘Initially I was hesitant about using a mobile app for weight-loss. But now I’m so glad I invested in it’

When she found her weight stuck at 66 kg, Garima realised she needed help breaking the plateau. Hitting the gym with a newborn at home wasn’t possible at all. Researching online, she read about the HealthifyMe app. “At first I was a little hesitant about using a mobile app for weight loss, because it’s such a new concept,” she says, adding that her husband encouraged her to give it a shot.    

She was sold on the paid plan after her 7-day free trial experience. “I really liked the fact that I was sent an exercise plan on an excel sheet which contained video links and detailed written descriptions on the right way to do each workout move. I found that especially helpful, since I’ve never really been an exercise person,” she says.

Garima may have always been a healthy eater, but HealthifyMe nutritionist Sameera opened up a new world for her, she says. “As a layman, one does not know how much protein, carbs, fiber or fat you need daily. Sameera calculated my calorie intake based on my activity levels keeping in mind that I was breastfeeding, and shared a comprehensive diet plan for me to follow,” she says. Being a vegetarian who didn’t reach her required protein intake, Sameera asked her to have egg whites and whey protein to increase her protein consumption, and reduce the amount of carbs, from her diet. “Earlier, I ate poha or upma for breakfast, but both ingredients are high on the glycaemic index. I was asked to swap them for omelettes and low-fat paneer bhurji,” she says, adding that fruits and roasted flaxseeds were also incorporated in her daily plan. Sameera also emphasised the importance of being regular about meal timings and also portion control. “I have always been a believer in small meals, and need something healthy to munch on every two hours. But Sameera helped me understand the quantity I need to have,” says Garima, who keeps tabs on her daily consumption by using the HealthifyMe app’s calorie tracker.

Transformation storyWhile diet may have been in her wheelhouse, workouts were another matter. “Apart from some Pranayama like Kapalbhati in particular, I had never exercised regularly before my pregnancy,” says Garima, who was introduced to cardio for the first time by her HealthifyMe fitness coach Shekhar. Her one-hour home exercise plan now includes light cardio and yoga; with the yoga plan curated by her coach Anshu, which she practiced on alternate days.

‘At 57.2 kg, I currently weigh less than I did before I became pregnant’

Sameera believes her client’s determination and healthy habits have been her greatest strengths during this period of transformation. “Garima is very conscientious when it comes to her workout and diet, and also following instructions. She was intent on achieving her goal and the results are in front of you,” says Sameera.

Having crossed her goal weight of 60 kg, Garima’s main concern now is to reduce her belly fat, and given her experience thus far, she’s confident about getting there. “The best thing about HealthifyMe is that you are in touch with your experts 24/7, and they are willing to answer even the silliest of questions you may have,” says Garima. Also, the coaches are helpful to everybody, not just their students. “I was added to a group moderated by yoga coach Pragya, and sent her some videos of my asanas. She got back with feedback even though she is not my assigned coach,” says Garima, who has recommended the app to many friends and family members. “When people compliment me about my weight loss and I tell them that I achieved it with help from a mobile app, they seem surprised. But I’m just happy that I made the investment!”

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