Foods that will make you feel less tired

Sumita Thomas

January 28, 2021

Hoping a cup of coffee, or energy bar, can kick-start the day after you’ve woken up feeling sapped? Well, think again. These mid-meal snacks may give you a temporary burst of energy, but the crash afterward leaves you feeling even more tired, fatigued and lethargic. What you need are foods that will make you feel less tired, by giving you the boost of energy at the right time.

The trick is to choose foods that release energy more slowly and give you a gradual boost of long-lasting energy. Along with the right amount of sleep and exercise, these four energy-boosting foods that can make a big difference to your day:

#1 Oats

High in fiber and protein, oats are eaten for breakfast help stabilize blood sugar all day.  Eat one cup daily.

#2 Almonds

Protein and fiber provide sustained energy without a crash. They’re also packed with magnesium, which helps convert sugar into energy. Eat a handful, not more.

#3 Dal

High in fiber, dal can help regulate blood sugar levels, and the selenium they contain enhances mood. But don’t have more than half a cup.

#4 Salmon

Less than 100 g portion, it contains a hefty dose of protein that speeds metabolism, which in turn increases energy. If you’re a vegetarian, try half-cup quinoa instead. The gluten-free grain contains protein and amino acids that aid in muscle repair and recovery.

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About the Author

For Sumita Thomas, good nutrition advice is less about what NOT to eat and all about HOW to eat. Armed with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics from IGNOU, Sumita has worked with multi-specialty clinics and corporate clients, planning calorie-specific menus for their cafeterias. She’s also a certified diabetes educator, has worked in cardiac nutrition and is even a TUV-certified internal auditor for food safety management systems. Maybe that’s why she ensures her advice is always scientifically sound, which makes her a perfect fit for us at HealthifyMe. Of the belief that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with the combination of a healthy mind, body and diet, Sumita recommends setting realistic goals – one health target a day – and gradually incorporating healthy ingredients to your daily diet. Does she practice what she preaches? For sure, and ensures all those around her do too. So get set, because that now includes you!

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