Why is it Important for Everyone to Have Access to CGMs?

Dr.Poonam Sharma

June 15, 2022

People often live with the misconception that only those who have diabetes should keep track of their glucose metabolism and take measures to keep their blood glucose level at an optimal level. So, with Continuous Glucose Monitors like the ones provided by HealthifyPro, some may believe that unless one has diabetes, they need them. On the contrary, CGMs can benefit everyone by avoiding any spike in glucose levels. Also, keep them healthy and avoid any future risks of diseases like diabetes. Even studies confirm that everyone must have access to CGMs irrespective of whether they have diabetes. 

Understanding Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

Many are unaware of the recent innovation called Continuous Glucose Monitors. These can make anyone’s life easier by providing quick, more accessible glucose readings without having to prick your fingertips or take blood tests often. They are tracker-like devices that are wearable on the arms or belly that track your blood sugar levels in real-time.

The CGMs are attached to a sensor to test glucose levels every few minutes. The measurements get wirelessly transmitted to a monitor, which can be your tracking device or mobile phone. Some CGMs, like the one by HealthifyMe, give you regular measurements pre and post-meals. The combination of AI and coach involvement can advice on what you can do or the food items to keep your blood glucose at an optimal level. They also provide instructions regarding food and activity levels to bring back your glucose to the recommended levels if a food intake results in a glucose spike.

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How does a Continuous Glucose Monitor Work?

  • A small sensor is attached just under your skin, usually on your belly or arm. It will be held in place by an adhesive.
  • The sensor can measure the glucose level in the fluid under your skin. It takes measurements every five minutes throughout the day, and some sensors have to be replaced after a few days. 
  • The app will send the Continuous Glucose Monitor measurements to your mobile phones or trackers through a wireless transmitter. These transmitters will mostly be attached to the disposable sensor, and in some other cases, they will be reusable that can be attached to a new sensor. 
  •  The data from the CGMs (the glucose level readings), get checked by the pro coach, who evaluates your glucose metabolism. Then, they provide advice and guidance regarding the changes you must make in your diet, behaviour, and lifestyle to keep your blood glucose optimal. 

Why do Diabetes Patients Consider it Important to Use CGMs?

Continuous Glucose Monitors like those mentioned above continuously track our body’s blood glucose and insulin levels. Without such a device to track the sugar level in diabetes patients, their blood glucose levels can either go too high or too low without them noticing it. It can worsen their issue, and they will only notice this once it is too bad. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia can be severe and even life-threatening if not provided immediate medical attention. 

Each food item we eat, lifestyle, and behavioural patterns can contribute to glucose metabolism. But for diabetes patients, such patterns may affect them differently, and sometimes even a simple food item can spike up or lower the glucose levels in their blood. So, if people with diabetes would find it handy. Similarly, even without diabetes, you should track your glucose levels. The reason is to rule out a prediabetic state. Likewise, a glucose spike may be the start point for several other conditions. For example, the start point could be obesity. 

Devices like Glucometers can help check glucose levels, but they can only check the blood sugar at that moment. So you will have to take another test later if you have to know the sugar levels again. However, CGMs have no hassles as they measure the blood glucose levels in the body at all times, and you can easily retrieve the measurements from your mobile phones or your trackers. Living with the disease can be challenging, but CGMs can reduce their burdens. 

Why Should Everyone, Irrespective of Whether They Have Diabetes or not, Use CGMs? 

Continuous Glucose Monitors or CGMs can indeed make the life of people with diabetes better. But the technology can also be life-changing for someone without diabetes who seems perfectly healthy. Similarly, why wait to get unhealthy? With a CGM, you can lead a healthier life by learning to interpret your oscillating glucose levels. 

Unfortunately, studies have confirmed that around 88% of America’s population, about 300 million, live with some form of insulin resistance. Data shows that worldwide, the prevalence of insulin resistance ranges from 15.5 to 46.5% among adults. Such a condition can lead to severe medical complications in the future, including diabetes, dementia, cancer, amputations, stroke and blindness.

Such people can only improve themselves and take care of their body more if they know about insulin resistance in their body and the impact that every food has on blood glucose levels. If everyone understood how a food item and physical activities impact glucose levels, they would make better choices to keep their blood glucose stable, thus improving the state of insulin resistance. 

Besides measuring one’s glucose metabolism, a Continuous Glucose Monitor can also help optimise their athletic performance. For example, it is hard for people to burn fat and carbohydrates if their glucose levels are above average. So, using a CGM, one can monitor the blood sugar levels to plan a diet accordingly, which can help plan and improve workout sessions and athletic performance. Some other key advantages of the Continuous Glucose Monitor are discussed below. 

Helps Understand how Glucose Metabolism Works

Many are unaware that every food item we consume contributes to the rise and fall of our glucose levels. Because of this, many dismiss diabetes as something they cannot or may only get in the distant future. However, CGMs can help you understand how your eating habits, fitness levels, behavioural patterns and lifestyle. In addition, it will inform about the risk of diabetes, how it may happen and how everyone can avoid the condition by having some attention to their glucose metabolism. 

Provide you Personal Care and Attention

How a food item can affect one’s glucose metabolism is different for different human beings. Several factors contribute to how food items affect your blood glucose level. So, all diet plans that may claim to free you from diabetes or help you lose weight may not be helpful for you. Continuous Glucose Monitors, however, are exclusively for you. 

The glucose level readings and the diet plan they may help you build are exclusively for you, crafted to benefit you and you alone. However, HealthifyMe takes the system of personalised care and attention to the next level by providing continuous coach involvement for all its users. AI and data enabled by the intervention of Healthifypro coaches would keep track of your health and glucose metabolism. Additionally, advise on how you can improve or what you can do better to get good health results. 

It eliminates the Times you have to Use Fingerstick Checks.

Using glucometer or fingerstick checks to measure your blood glucose levels often can be unpleasant as it involves pricking your finger. But, with CGM, you can measure your blood glucose levels almost always without much hassle. It uses a painless sensor and a wireless transmitter which gives you immediate results. 

Immediately Alerts you if your Glucose Level is High or a Low

CGM come with transmitters that can give an alert on your mobile phones or other tracking devices when your glucose level has either spiked or lowered. Most of them alert you whenever your glucose level is not at the recommended level, along with detailed advice on how you can bring it back to normal. You can treat your high or low sugar level before becoming a severe issue. 


Some may find Continuous Glucose Monitors costly, and others may find it challenging to learn how to use them. These factors mainly contribute to fewer people buying the device and trying it. However, they also fail to realize that these innovations are not just for diabetes patients. But, for everyone to improve their health and avoid potential metabolic disease risks. So, CGMs are not only for people with diabetes. On the contrary, it’s for everyone who cares about being one step ahead in their health and fitness goals. 

About the Author

I, Dr. Poonam have 3+ years of experience in the field of Medicine. Currently serving as a Resident Physician at HealthifyMe, I have worked with premier hospitals such as Manipal Hospital, Bangalore as a Resident in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital, Chennai as a Medical Officer. I aspire to put my knowledge in medicine to use in providing healthcare and fitness services to people and help enhance my abilities in meeting the ever-growing healthcare needs.

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