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Change in Diet after Delivery – The Secret to Neetha’s Transformation


December 28, 2021

This is the story of a mother who proved to us that you don’t have to be a fitness freak to lead a healthy life. Neetha’s decision to make changes to her diet after delivery took her one step closer to the health goal she had set.

Life takes a 360º turn when a woman enters motherhood. Her world revolves around the baby. Little does she care about her well-being and health.

Neetha took a career break to care for her daughter while putting her own needs aside. But, concern for her good health gave rise to the thought of improving her diet after delivery. Thus, began the journey to a healthy life.

Neetha tried taking the help of diet pills, now she strongly recommends against it.

Reetu Bhoomi Before

To begin with, Neetha did not have any medical conditions during or after her pregnancy, which got her a green signal from her gynecologist, to start exercising. Always of the opinion that, one does not need to be a fitness freak to stay in shape, Neetha decided to do something about it and enrolled herself in a gym. She did not think of changing her diet, after delivery instead, she sought the help of diet pills, which she strongly recommends against, now. Why? You may ask. Diet pills are known to be notorious for causing a lot of side effects, while not helping you lose weight at all. Some ill effects include insomnia, increased blood pressure and heart rate, nausea, and headache.

When her own efforts didn’t work she resorted to Google and came across HealthifyMe. “Neetha knew what she wanted”, Diet Coach Kamalika said after speaking to her. She specified that her goal was to become healthy and not a fitness junkie or a supermodel.

Neetha was very impressed with the results she started seeing in just 2 months of religiously following the diet plan that her coach, Kamalika had given her.

Reetu Bhoomi After

She noticed a drastic change when she was able to fit into the western clothes she had purchased around the time of her marriage. Receiving compliments boosts one’s self-esteem and Neetha experienced this, on being told that she did not look like a mother.

“I gradually learned how to choose the right foods and quantities”

“Little did I know that following a regulated diet after delivery will not only help me eat right, but it would also help me make the correct food choices” since she comes from a family of foodies. “I gradually learned how to choose the right foods and quantities”, she says. Her diet which included high fiber foods also included fruits, which she gladly ate. But she did have to stay away from citrus fruits since she had sinusitis.

As a result of her sinusitis, Neetha would have trouble breathing in the morning. in order to correct this, she started practicing yoga. She also noticed that, in the process, she started becoming stronger and healthier. This change in lifestyle boosted her energy levels like never before! She was happy about this since she got to spend more time, playing with her daughter and felt active all day.

When one embarks on a journey to the healthy life it does get a little difficult to stay on track. Neetha tells us that her main source of motivation and inspiration was she, herself. While looking at old photographs of herself, she noticed that she had lost weight in the past and knew that if she could do it then, she can do it now as well. All it takes is willpower and she saw amazing results just by following a well-regulated diet after delivery. That’s a good way to begin the journey to a healthy life, isn’t it?

“Neetha is a very determined woman. She worked hard towards hitting her weight loss target. What I liked about her is that she followed the diet regime that I had prescribed. Over and above what the diet that was given to her, she would come up with innovative low-fat recipes. And now she serves her family yummy healthy food! Hats off to her efforts!” – Kamalika Ghosh, Diet Coach

Impressed with Neetha’s transformation? Get in touch with our coaches and that could be you in the next couple of months!

Disclaimer: Neetha lost 8 kg in 3 months with the help of a customized diet plan. The results can and may vary for you. Let us help determine the best approach for you to achieve your goal.

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